Monogram of the letters T and M, my initials


Hi! I'm Tara McAllister, a 19 year old designer from Kildress, Co. Tyrone. I love art (hence the sewing machine and Magritte reference in my CV.) I'm a firm believer that digital design is a valid art form. My favourite aspects of digital design particularly UI, UX, the web and illustration. I have a passion for accessibility and beautiful, usable design.

I'm currently studying Interaction Design at Belfast School of Art while working at Ineqe Group where I am currently working on the re-design of their website. Past projects include the updated SSNAP cards, illustrations for children and making our app content more accessible. I also volunteer for Lilac Cancer Support.

I first got into the tech world in school. I was passionate about technology and making it a force of good. I organised and curated the Digital Leader program. I would teach other pupils about online safety and basic coding skills and principles. I then grew th program to include nearby primary schools. I taught and spoke at these primary schools about online safety and using technology positively.

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